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Hennessy Black 750ML

  • Country: France
  • Size: 750ML
DISCOVER NEW PATHS Every person moves through life, but how many make discoveries along the way? How many are driven to explore the unknown, to seek new paths? The few who do possess the courage to take a different direction, to experience the truly exceptional. In front of you is only black, a future that has yet to be revealed. The shadows ahead contain limitless possibilities. It is up to you to take the first step into mystery and embrace the extraordinary. Your next creation, your next journey, your next night out, discover Hennessy Black, discover new paths. A FRESH SMOOTHNESS Hennessy Black is a stylish original cognac — on the nose, jasmine floral notes boldly make an immediate statement. Hints of citrus and honey follow, contributing a softer, warmer note. In the mouth, Hennessy Black keeps these unexpected flavors, also releasing the cleansing characteristics of white flowers and fresh grapes. AN ALLURING CONTRAST Smooth from the first aromas, yet intense throughout the tasting experience, Hennessy Black is an alluring, multi-faceted cognac. Carefully selected and subtly matured in old oak barrels, the Hennessy Black eaux-de-vie play accross the palate, revealing surprising flavors: a remarkable duality between smoothness and intense freshness. EXTREMELY VERSATILE Delicate flavors are punctuated by fresh and vigorous notes, achieving a surprising finesse. Very easy to mix, thanks to its smooth, rounded character, Hennessy Black can also be enjoyed neat, or as the key ingredient in a variety of long drinks.
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