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Kahlua Chili Chocolate

  • Country: Mexico
  • Size: 750ML

The timeless appeal of coffee-flavored liqueur gets a fresh update with Kahlua Chili Chocolate. you will enjoy a sweeping aroma of sweet caramel, rich vanilla, and fresh milk as you open the bottle, but there's something unique about this Kahlua. Under the dessert-worthy overtones is a kick of something special. Sniff again and you will find that hint of chili pepper waiting to give your drink some heat. While Kahlua's signature coffee flavor still dominates this drink, you can't miss the deep chocolate enhancing your sip, followed by the lingering heat of chili. When you need to warm up fast, Kahlua Chili Chocolate is just the thing. Give your white Russian a bold twist, add flair to your hot chocolate, or simply enjoy this flavored Kahlua on the rocks. This limited edition Kahlua flavor offers an exciting kick, both sweet and spicy, that is the perfect thing to keep your winter season warm and bright.

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