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Kavalan Amontillado Sherry Cask

  • Country: Taiwan
  • Size: 750ML
Tasting Notes The dark gold amber colour truly embodies the full aromas and tastes that characterise a great whisky. The rich aroma of sherry, with its creamy toffee and rich fudge qualities blends with the fruity character of the spirit. the fruitiness is a complex, multi-layered blend of mango and over-ripe citrus fruit flavours that ends with a touch of green apples. Natural sweetness on the tongue is accentuated with a gentle fudge flavour. The complex fruity flavours are layered with dry smoked wood aromas. This special anniversary edition of Solist cask strength whisky has a long finish and natural sweetness giving way to a pleasant mouth-drying sensation that leaves the connoissseur ready for the next sip!
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