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Del Maguey Mezcal Tobala

  • Country: Mexico
  • Size: 750ML

The Tobala maguey is found growing naturally only in the highest altitude canyons in the shade of oak trees like truffles. Tobala's form is different than the maguey Espadin (sword) or maguey Azul (blue). It is smaller and broader leafed. It takes about eight pinas (agave hearts) to equal one pina from either of the more commonly propagated and cultivated Magueys. Our Tobala has a sweet, fruity nose, with a mango and cinnamon taste and long, extra smooth finish. The pueblo is surrounded by a mountainous, tropical microclimate. We keep our production limited, to not mess with nature and to continue with the traditional way-- being very careful to never over harvest the Tobala and allow mother nature to do her job.

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