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Lillet Blanc

  • Size: 750ML

Lillet Blanc is a medium colored white wine, made from Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon grapes. The nose is flowery with strong accents of honey and orange and a hint of mint. While the nose may lead you to expect a sweet dessert wine, the actual taste is quite full and fleshy on the palate and leaves a lingering trace of orange, honey and exotic fruits.

LILLET is traditionally matured in oak vats for several months, during which time it receives the same careful attention as Bordeaux grand cru wines.

GRAPE: Semillon is the dominant grape which gives Lillet Blanc a full, fleshy structure
NOSE: Flowery, orange blossom, fresh mint, vanilla
TASTE: Preserved oranges, honey, pine resin and exotic fruits. Full and fleshy on the palate

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