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Lillet Rose

  • Size: 750ML

Indulge in the sophisticated tradition of the aperitif with Lillet Rose blushing wine. This pretty pink drink offers all the elegance of France, with a tasting profile that is sure to excite all your senses. The brilliant rose behind the graceful label offers fresh aromas of orange blossom, berry, and grapefruit. Bring your wine glass to your lips and you will find a fresh flavor palate that is light, fruity, and perfectly balanced.

The citrus tones make this a slightly acidic sip, which is just the thing for your cocktail hour before dinner. Refreshing and low-proof, this wine is everything you are after when you want to recline on a sweet sunny afternoon.

Mix it with champagne for a celebratory touch, or enjoy the drink's perfection just as it is. When you are undecided between the red and the white, this rose is sure to fit the bill with its light flavors and invigorating finish.

GRAPE: Semillon is the dominant grape which gives Lillet Rose its delicate aromas
NOSE: Light aromas of berries, orange blossom and grapefruit
TASTE: Fresh, lively and fruity. Balanced structure

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