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Smooth Ambler Contradiction

  • Country: United States Of America
  • Region: West Virginia
  • Size: 750ML

Perhaps it is their hardy Appalachian roots, or their daring approach and willingness to take risks. Whatever the case, Smooth Ambler Spirits' creativity and outside-the-box methods combine to create a glorious blended taste experience in their Contradiction bourbon. Named Contradiction because of the use of two opposing bourbons -- a young two-year-old wheat bourbon produced in-house at Smooth Ambler Distillery and an older nine-year-old rye-based bourbon from MGP Distillers in Indiana -- it is a gamble that paid off. Contradiction bourbon has won several awards, most notably a gold medal at the World Whiskey Awards and a bronze medal at the Spirits of the Americas Awards. Rich brown in color, with a taste that is smooth, sweet, and buttery with an unmistakable rye spiciness, Smooth Ambler Contradiction will delight your taste buds at every note.

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